Mysterious Mexican wreck was an illegal slave ship

It brought Mayan captives to do brutal work in sugarcane fields in Cuba. A sunken ship discovered near Sisal, Mexico, holds the secrets of a 19th-century tragedy. Three years after the ship’s discovery, archaeologists have confirmed its identity as an illegal slave vessel. The steamer was carrying Mayan captives to work as slaves in the […]

1,100-year-old gold coins found at dig site in Israel

Teenage volunteers on archaeological dig unearth 425 coins dating back to 9th century Israeli teenagers volunteering at an archaeological dig have unearthed hundreds of gold coins that were stashed away in a clay vessel for more than a millennium. The 425 24-carat pure gold coins date back to the 9th-century Abbasid caliphate period and would […]

WWII Doolittle Raiders Make Final Toast

DAYTON, Ohio – The few surviving Doolittle Raiders are making their final toast to comrades who died in or since their World War II bombing attack on Japan. The toast grew from reunions led by James “Jimmy” Doolittle, who commanded the daring mission credited with boosting American morale and throwing the Japanese off balance after […]