Voluntary Temple Slavery in Ancient Egypt

About one hundred of 2,200-year-old papyrus slave contracts have revealed that ancient Egyptians voluntarily entered into slave contracts with a local temple in the Egyptian city Tebtunis for all eternity, and even paid a monthly fee for the privilege. “I am your servant from this day onwards, and I shall pay 2,5 copper-pieces every month […]

Shipwreck Dive Locates Navy Destroyer That Sank During Epic WWII

Two former Navy officers have located wreckage of a U.S. ship that sank in the Philippine Sea 76 years ago in what’s being hailed the deepest shipwreck dive in history. A large section of the USS Johnston, a Fletcher-class destroyer, was found 21,180 feet beneath the surface, Caladan Oceanic and the Naval History and Heritage Command announced […]

Telegraph from WWI Lusitania Shipwreck Hauled Up from the Deep

Divers have recovered the main telegraph machine from the Lusitania, the wreck at the center of one of the most infamous maritime disasters of the 20th century. Irish heritage officials confirmed that the telegraph was recovered and brought to the surface Tuesday (July 25) and is now undergoing conservation on land. The bronze artifact was […]

13,000-year-old Human Traces Found in the Cave in Trabzon

Stone tools thought to have been used as knives and scraper 13,000 years ago were found in a cave in the district of Düzköy in Trabzon. Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) Literature Faculty Archeology Department started a surface research project in various regions of Trabzon in 2018 by Protohistory and Foreland Archeology lecturers. As part of […]

Barn conversion leads to amazing find of palatial Roman villa

‘Incredible’ archaeological site was unearthed when electricians laying cables at a Wiltshire home exposed a mosaic It was the urge to avoid playing ping-pong in the dark that led Luke Irwin to make one of Britain’s most extraordinary archaeological discoveries in recent years. Without that compulsion, he might never have found out that he lives […]

Mosaic discovery sheds fresh light on England’s early medieval history

New discovery suggests pockets of Roman civilisation survived even after collapse of Imperial Roman authority in Britain A remarkable archaeological discovery in southwest England is helping to rewrite the country’s early medieval history. A recently discovered Roman-style mosaic is providing extraordinary new evidence that Roman civilisation didn’t universally collapse after Imperial Roman authority came to an end in Britain. […]

Archaeologists Unearth Rare Bone

The newly-discovered bone artifact was likely used for piercing soft materials or possibly as a projectile point. The ancient bone point was found at the site of Murrawong near the Lower Murray River in Ngarrindjeri country in southern Australia. The artifact was situated in the archaeological layer dating to between 5,303 and 3,875 years ago. “The […]