The Real ‘Paleo Diet’ Contained Some Pretty Toxic Heavy Metals, Study Reveals

The ‘simpler’ diet of palaeolithic humans has been romanticised into a health fad, but new research indicates our ancestors weren’t necessarily enjoying the pinnacle of food sources. In fact, they may have been consuming unhealthy levels of toxic heavy metals. In Norway, between 6,300 and 3,800 years ago (a little bit later than the true Palaeolithic), at […]

Mosaic uncovered in northern Greece could mark royal Macedonian tomb

Archaeologists excavating Amphipolis site have discovered an intricate, and largely intact, floor mosaic dating back to 300BC Two days after bones found in northern Greece were confirmed to be those of Alexander the Great’s father, archaeologists excavating a vast ancient tomb in Amphipolis have uncovered an intricate floor mosaic that could signal another royal Macedonian grave. The […]


‘Missing body’ penguin fossil shows massive change in species after dinosaur extinction

Researchers have discovered “lost corpse” penguin fossils that show enormous birds stopped flying and took to the seas after dinosaurs were wiped out by a massive asteroid. The newly discovered species, Kupoupou stilwelli, was discovered on Chatham Island, New Zealand. It was about 4 feet, 8 inches tall, resembled the modern-day King Penguin, and could […]