Chut, J’ecoute: U.S. Army’s Use of Radio Intelligence in World War I

This source of information, practically unthought-of before the war, has been developed to such an extent that, at the close of hostilities, it constituted one of the main branches of intelligence.” — Captain Charles H. Matz, Radio Intelligence Officer, First Army, American Expeditionary Forces, November 1918. The United States entered World War I with minimal experience […]

He Lost His Arm, Leg and Eye in World War II. His Family Says He Deserves the Medal of Honor

Seventy-five years ago, 70,000 Marines battled for control of the island of Iwo Jima. During the 36 days of battle, 27,000 American service members were killed or injured. For their actions in that bloody melee, 27 sailors and Marines were awarded America’s highest military award: the Medal of Honor. Now, one Virginia Beach family is trying to make […]

Facial reconstruction reveals Egyptian ‘mummy portrait’ was accurate except for one detail

This young boy died at the turn of the first millennium. Just after the turn of the first millennium A.D., a young child living in Egypt contracted a deadly illness — most likely pneumonia — and died. His tiny body was prepared for mummification and burial; some of his organs were removed, his remains were wrapped in criss-crossed linen […]

Eerily well-preserved 17th-century ship found in the dark waters of the Baltic Sea

Divers from Finland have made an unexpected discovery while exploring the depths of the Baltic Sea, finding an incredibly well-preserved shipwreck dating back almost 400 years. Volunteer divers from the nonprofit Badewanne team more often come across wrecked 20th-century relics sunk during the sea battles of World War I and WWII, so uncovering what appears […]

WWII Doolittle Raiders Make Final Toast

DAYTON, Ohio – The few surviving Doolittle Raiders are making their final toast to comrades who died in or since their World War II bombing attack on Japan. The toast grew from reunions led by James “Jimmy” Doolittle, who commanded the daring mission credited with boosting American morale and throwing the Japanese off balance after […]