Pompeii 2,000-year-old car unearthe

An ornate four-wheeled chariot of iron, bronze and wood that archaeologists think was drawn by a team of horses in processions through Pompeii almost 2,000 years ago has been unearthed during excavations of a wealthy Roman villa just north of the ancient city’s walls. Archaeologists discovered the elaborate chariot, which still has imprints of organic materials such […]

Ancient Egypt’s Mona Lisa? An elaborately drawn extinct goose, of course

The illustration doesn’t match any modern goose species. Nearly five millennia ago, an artist inked an incredibly detailed painting of geese in the tomb of an Egyptian vizier and his wife. This “Mona Lisa” of ancient Egypt may depict a previously unknown and now extinct species of goose, a new analysis suggests. The 4,600-year-old painting, known as […]