Revealing a WWI drama: How modern technology is shedding new light on the horrors of submarine warfare

Archaeologists and historians have launched an investigation into a deadly naval drama which unfolded more than a century ago off the coast of Yorkshire. For the past 103 years, a German submarine (UC47) from the First World War has lain largely forgotten at the bottom of the North Sea 22 miles off Flamborough Head. Sunk by the royal navy in November […]

3,000-year-old head may be face of God

A clay head that dates back almost 3,000 years may be a rare depiction of Yahweh, — God — whose image the Israelites were forbidden from creating according to the Ten Commandments, an archaeologist reports. But two experts in the field have denounced the idea that this head figure represents God. Yahweh is the God […]

Untold stories of Jewish resistance revealed in London Holocaust exhibition

Diaries and manuscripts turn spotlight on little-known acts of endurance and bravery From quiet acts of bravery, to overt acts of rebellion, Jewish resistance to the Holocaust took many forms, yet research shows they remain largely unacknowledged in traditional UK teachings about the genocide. A new exhibition, drawing on thousands of previously unseen documents and manuscripts, is […]