Voluntary Temple Slavery in Ancient Egypt

About one hundred of 2,200-year-old papyrus slave contracts have revealed that ancient Egyptians voluntarily entered into slave contracts with a local temple in the Egyptian city Tebtunis for all eternity, and even paid a monthly fee for the privilege. “I am your servant from this day onwards, and I shall pay 2,5 copper-pieces every month […]

The US scholar Thomas Whittemore and his Byzantine Institute had already begun the work of restoring Hagia Sophia

Prolific scholar of the art and architecture of the Byzantine empire Cyril Mango, who has died aged 92, did much to advance understanding of the history and material culture of the Eastern Roman empire and its medieval successor, the Byzantine empire, centred on the late Roman city of Constantinople. A native of what in modern-day Turkey became […]

Mosaic discovery sheds fresh light on England’s early medieval history

New discovery suggests pockets of Roman civilisation survived even after collapse of Imperial Roman authority in Britain A remarkable archaeological discovery in southwest England is helping to rewrite the country’s early medieval history. A recently discovered Roman-style mosaic is providing extraordinary new evidence that Roman civilisation didn’t universally collapse after Imperial Roman authority came to an end in Britain. […]