Remembering Iwo Jima: A 1956 Perspective

The following unattributed article was originally published in the Camp Lejeune Globe in 1956, on the 16th anniversary of the landing on Iwo Jima. A great American armada lay off the ash laden beaches of a barren piece of rock in the Western Pacific on February 19, 1945. Attack Transports unloaded their precious cargoes of Marines into […]

Back-garden archaeology: Britons unearth artefacts during lockdown

Neolithic arrowheads and a snake-shaped belt hook among finds uncovered by gardeners Neolithic arrowheads and an ancient belt hook are among several historical artefacts unearthed in Britons’ back gardens during lockdown. The British Museum’s portable antiquities scheme has been notified of a number of archaeological discoveries from people who had extra time to tend to […]