Major new discovery exposes long-lost medieval kingdom

Archaeologists are unearthing the secrets of a long-lost medieval empire. A major new discovery in South West China is, for the first time, revealing the extraordinary grandeur of a vanished kingdom, whose armies conquered huge swathes of southeast Asia. Chinese archaeologists, excavating in the ruins of the empire’s capital, have discovered one of the largest medieval Buddhist monasteries […]

Archaeologists Find Mysterious ‘Elixir of Immortality’ in Ancient Chinese Tomb

Researchers in China have identified a mysterious liquid contained in an ancient bronze pot from thousands of years ago, and it turns out to be a famous potion fabled in Chinese legend. According to the archaeologists, the strange yellowish liquid uncovered during excavations in central China’s Henan Province late last year is an ancient ‘elixir of immortality’, […]

Ancient graves and mysterious enclosure discovered at Stonehenge ahead of tunnel construction

Archaeological work ahead of the construction of a controversial road tunnel beside Stonehenge has led to the discovery of ancient graves, including one with the remains of a baby dating back more than 4,500 years; a strange earth enclosure; and prehistoric pottery, among other buried treasures. Some of the finds may have been used by people who […]