Archaeologists find Bronze Age tombs containing trove of gold artifacts

Archaeologists have discovered an engraved piece of jewelry and gold artefacts in two Bronze Age tombs that could shed new light on ancient Greek life. The discovery was announced in Greece on Tuesday. The team spent more than 18 months excavating and documenting their findings, including numerous cultural artifacts and fine jewellery that may have […]

Fossil evidence shows that the members of

Ancient human species made the “final stance” on the Indonesian island 100,000 years ago

Ancient human species made the “final stance” on the Indonesian island 100,000 years ago When seafaring modern humans ventured onto the island of Java some 40,000 years ago, they found a rainforest-covered land teeming with life—but they weren’t the first humans to call the island home. Their distant ancestor, Homo erectus, had traveled to Java when it […]

Egyptian crucial

Stunning pictures show inside of 4,000-year-old ancient Egyptian tomb

The tomb, close Saqqara, a colossal necropolis south of Cairo, had a spot with a senior authority named Khuwy He is acknowledged to have been a privileged person in the midst of the Fifth Dynasty, which controlled over Egypt around 4,300 years back In an essential archeological disclosure, Egypt on Saturday revealed the tomb of […]

Proteins from this Gigantopithecus blacki jaw reveal how the mysterious ape relates to modern primates

‘Dragon teeth’ reveal ancient ape’s place in primate family tree

In 1935, anthropologist Gustav von Koenigswald came across several strange teeth in drug stores in Hong Kong and southern China. The specimens, sold as “dragon teeth,” to be ground up for use in Chinese medicine, were special: They were apelike, but huge—much bigger than the molars of any other fossil or living primates. Their size […]

Discovery of iron anchors raises hopes of finding Hernán Cortés’s ships

Underwater archaeologists have found two iron anchors just offshore from the spot Hernán Cortés first set foot in Mexico, raising hopes that the fleet which the conquistador scuttled in 1519 may soon be rediscovered. The anchors were excavated from under a metre of sediment in the Gulf of Mexico near Villa Rica, the settlement Cortes founded […]

Trump news – live: Republicans turn on president for suggesting dead congressman is in hell as Pelosi reveals shock decision on impeachment articles

Donald Trump has been impeached by the House of Representatives, making him just the third president in American history to receive such a rebuke. The House, voting largely upon party lines,  charged him on Wednesday night after hours of debate with abusing the power of his office in attempting to extort a political favour from Ukraine and obstructing the subsequent congressional investigation into […]

Ancient royal tombs dating back more than 3,000 years uncovered in Greece

Two royal tombs dating back some 3,500 years and containing a hoard of revelatory ancient artefacts have been uncovered near a famed Mycenaean-era palace in southern Greece The country’s culture ministry announced the opulent Bronze Age tombs had been found in Pylos, near the site of King Nestor’s vast palace, which features in Homer’​s Odyssey.