Here’s why we need more African archaeologists

The form that archaeology has taken in Europe doesn’t apply everywhere. Better knowledge of local cultures is vital Cultural heritage is a basic human need. Yes – humans don’t only need food and shelter, culture is required for them to survive and thrive. Our cultural values glue us to one another and help us create […]

New Nazca Line geoglyph discovered: A 120-foot-long cat

The cat dates to between 200 B.C. and 100 B.C. Archaeologists have discovered a gigantic cat geoglyph adorning a hillside in southern Peru, making it the latest of the Nazca Lines — a group of mysterious and enormous human-made outlines of animals, plants and fantastic figures in the desert dating to Pre-Columbian times — to be uncovered […]

German WWII Bomber to be Salvaged Off UK Coast

A famous German World War II bomber nicknamed “the flying pencil” has spent decades submerged in the English Channel after being shot down in the Battle of Britain. Now, divers are braving dangerous tides to bring it to the surface. British officials on Friday announced a complex salvage operation just off the Kent coast in […]