How to Explain the Trinity to Muslims

Many of those who desire to share the Gospel with Muslims struggle with how to explain the Trinity to them. Muslims are quick to argue against the concept, saying things like “you Christians worship three Gods,” or “God cannot have a son.” These difficulties have caused many to avoid the subject altogether, developing methods that […]

Archaeologists identify oldest Muslim graves ever found in Europe

Skeletons in three graves in southern France, found facing towards Mecca, are believed to date from the eighth century Archaeologists working in southern France have identified three graves that are believed to represent the oldest Muslim burials ever found in Europe, dating to the eighth century. The skeletons at medieval site at Nîmes were found facing Mecca, […]

Who is Imam Mahdi ?

Who is the Imam Mahdi or Al-Mahdi? In Arabic, Al-Mahdi means waiting. Jakarta – Siapa itu Imam Mahdi atau Al-Mahdi? Dalam bahasa Arab, Al-Mahdi artinya ialah orang yang ditunggu dan yang diurapi. Jadi, ia merupakan orang terpilih yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh umat Muslim. Namanya adalah Muhammad. Kamu akan menemukan hadits ini dalam sahih muslim. Rasulullah SAW bersabda, […]