Archaeologists accidentally break eggs that had been going off for 1,700 years

Cracked shells released overpowering ‘potent stench’   [slide-anything id=’2811′] Archaeologists accidentally broke three Roman eggs that had been going off for 1,700 years. The excavators unearthed a basket of four chickens’ eggs in a waterlogged pit during a dig in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Three of the eggs cracked, releasing an overpowering “potent stench”, however the team managed to preserve […]

Anavarza Ancient City (Adana)

Adana Anavarza Ancient City, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List and attracts attention with its magnificent entrance gate, castle, theater and walls, is at the center of the attention of tourists. Anavarza Antique City, located in Adana Kozan Dilekkaya and known as tarih invincible city tarih in history, hosts important cultural […]