Early Image of Jesus Christ Discovered at Oxyrhynchus, Egypt

Spanish and French archaeologists excavating at the ancient Egyptian city of Oxyrhynchus have discovered what could be one of the earliest known images of Jesus Christ. At the archaeological site, which is located about 160 km south-southwest of Cairo, the team led by Prof Josep Padro from the University of Barcelona unearthed an underground stone structure dating […]

25,000-Year-Old Human and Animal DNA Found in Georgian Cave

An international team of scientists has retrieved and analyzed nuclear and mitochondrial environmental DNA of humans, wolfs (Canis lupus), and bisons (Bison bonasus) from a 25,000-year-old sediment sample from the Upper Paleolithic site of Satsurblia Cave, western Georgia, Caucasus. Satsurblia Cave is a karst cave located 1.2 km from Kumistavi village in the Imereti region of […]

Black Female WWII Unit Hoping to Get Congressional Honor

Maj. Fannie Griffin McClendon and her Army colleagues never dwelled on being the only Black battalion of women to serve in Europe during World War II. They had a job to do. The 6888th Central Directory Postal Battalion was credited with solving a growing mail crisis during its stint in England and, upon their return, […]

UK in talks with Indonesia over missing sunken WWII warships

Disappearance of six Dutch and British ships sunk in 1942 sparked international condemnation The British government is in talks with Indonesia over the disappearance of half a dozen sunken warships illegally salvaged from the Java Sea, together with the remains of hundreds of Dutch and British sailors. British diplomats met the Indonesian maritime ministry in Jakarta to […]

The Original ‘Airman Snuffy’ Was Real and a Total Badass

For decades, Air Force military training instructors have been using the example of an “Airman Snuffy” in preparing new trainees for the active Air Force. He (or she) is your average, everyday airman, working in the Air Force. “Airman Snuffy is working the CQ desk one night when an MTI shows up without his CAC [ID card],” […]