A House of Commons worthy of the nation, 1944

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8 November 1944: Plans for the rebuilding of the bomb-damaged House of Commons are unveiled

The House of Commons which was seriously damaged by the Blitz bombings during the Second World War is under reconstruction in January 1948. Photograph: -/AFP via Getty Images

A new House of Commons built in late Gothic style in keeping with the rest of the Palace of Westminster and with interior conditions approximating to “a fine spring day out of doors” all the year round is proposed by the Select Committee which has been considering the rebuilding of the House. Its report on the reconstruction of the bomb-destroyed Commons was published yesterday.

It is estimated that the total cost including the rebuilding of the whole of the extensively damaged area in and around the Chamber would be about £784,000, plus appropriate post-war increases. The Chamber itself would account for £251,305.

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