Anavarza Ancient City (Adana)

Adana Anavarza Ancient City, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List and attracts attention with its magnificent entrance gate, castle, theater and walls, is at the center of the attention of tourists.

Anavarza Antique City, located in Adana Kozan Dilekkaya and known as tarih invincible city tarih in history, hosts important cultural traces with its hosting to Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Sassanid and Ottoman civilizations.

The ancient city has a wider campus than Ephesus

The ancient city dates back to 19 BC and is one of the most important camp sites in the Eastern Mediterranean of the Roman Empire.

The Anavarza is one of the largest ancient cities in the world with its footprint and other features. Medieval castle is located.

Anavarza Castle sheds light on history

Anavarza Castle, which takes its name from the ancient city, one of the most important metropolises of Anatolia since the 2nd century AD, rises like an island in the middle of the plain and sheds light on history.

According to historical sources in the 4th century AD, the population of Anavarza, whose population has reached up to 100 thousand, attracts the attention of those who see a 34-meter-wide, 2-700-meter-long double-lane colonnaded road starting from the monumental gate.

The ancient city, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List in 2014 and intended to be included in the permanent list, is waiting for local and foreign visitors.

“We will apply to the permanent list”

Sabri Tari, the Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism, said Anavarza, an ancient city built on 4,000 acres of land, was known as the “invincible city” because of the victories of all wars at that time.

Stating that they have started to create an “Area Management Plan” with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the initiative of the Governor of Adana Mahmut Demirtaş for the inclusion of Anavarza in the UNESCO World Heritage List, Tari said: When it enters the permanent list, it will be supported by UNESCO and will become better publicized. ”

Anavarza Ancient City (Adana)

28 km from the Kozan district of Adana. south of Anavarza (Anazarbos / Caesarea ad Anabarsum) is located within the borders of today’s Dilekkaya Village. B.C. In the 1st century BC, the Romans left the administration of the Ceyhan basin they had seized to Tarkondimotos, who they appointed as Vassal king. During the Roman period, M.S. 2nd century. Anavarza, which competed for the leadership of the ancient city of Tarsus and Cilicia, became one of the most important metropolises of Anatolia. Anavarza, M.S.3. In the 18th century, he gained many military privileges and received the title of “Metropolis” and until the middle of the same century, he received “Neokoros” three times. Anavarza, which came under Eastern Roman, Arab and Armenian domination in the later periods, was taken by the Mamluks in 1375 and after this period there was no large-scale settlement in the city.

Among the important ruins in Anavarza are the 1500-meter-long fortification wall with 20 bastions, a columned road, a bath and a church, a theater, amphitheater, stadium, waterways, rock tombs, M.S. There is the mosaic of the sea goddess Thetys of the 3rd century BC, the triumphal arch with 3 entrances, the only example in the Cilician region, and the medieval castle on the hill rising like an island in the middle of the plain. The five-volume work, De Materia Medica, which he wrote in the Roman army during the reign of Emperor Nero, was taught as one of the main works of medical faculties of all modern countries until the 18th century, and the world-famous pharmacologist Dioskurides was Anavarza. is remarkable.

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