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Archaeology Discoveries to Watch for in 2020

(Image: © Shutterstock)
(Image: © Shutterstock)

New discoveries in the Valley of the Kings looted art from Venezuela, and evidence that people were in Central America 20,000 years ago is just a few of the stories Live Science will follow in 2020.

Tombs of pharaohs and queens in the Valley of the Kings

(Image credit: Shutterstock)
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, which holds the tomb of King Tut and other Egyptian royalty, divulged several of its secrets in 2019, including a workshop complex, mummification cache, ostraca (pottery with writing on it) and newfound mummies. Excavations were carried out in both the east and west valleys of the Valley of the Kings and was funded in part by media companies that are paying for the right to film the excavations.

Excavations in the east and west valleys of the royal cemetery are ongoing; the artifacts found in 2019 are still being analyzed, and hieroglyphic writing on the ostraca is in the process of being deciphered. With all this work going on, it’s likely that more discoveries will be made in the Valley of the Kings in 2020. Zahi Hawass, the former Egyptian antiquities minister who is leading work in the valley, believes that several tombs built for the pharaohs and their queens have yet to be found.

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