Exhibition documents decline of Cornwall’s Launceston castle | Cornwall

An eclectic collection of objects ranging from a medieval whalebone to 16th-century gambling tokens are being put on display together for the first time in Launceston castle (kastel Lanstefan) in Cornwall. The artefacts tell the story of the castle’s decline from a place of extravagant feasting to a squalid prison that incarcerated rebels against English […]

Did a second killer asteroid finish the dinosaurs off? Crater in West Africa hints yes.

A likely asteroid impact crater from the latter days of the dinosaurs has been discovered off the coast of West Africa, raising questions about whether the asteroid that wiped out the dinos may have had a smaller sibling that struck around the same time. The crater, hidden under about 3,000 feet (900 meters) of water […]

Flexibility Exercises: Best moves for Maintaining Mobility

It’s important to regularly practice flexibility exercises because physical health is not just about strength. As we age, our musculoskeletal system naturally degenerates causing us to experience muscle weakness and a decrease in mobility. We can combat the effects of aging by introducing flexibility exercises into our normal exercise regime. Flexibility is an indicator of […]

‘Magical’ rock crystals found at Stone Age ceremonial site in England

Hundreds of fragments of a rare transparent type of quartz called “rock crystal” suggest Neolithic people used the mineral to decorate graves and other structures at a ceremonial site in western England, archaeologists say. The rock crystals were likely brought to the site from a source more than 80 miles (130 kilometers) away, over mountainous […]

‘Cannibal’ coronal mass ejection from ‘dark plasma plume’ will slam into Earth tomorrow (Aug. 18)

A plume of “dark plasma” hurled from the sun will be engulfed to form a “cannibal” coronal mass ejection which will sideswipe the Earth on Thursday (Aug. 18), causing a strong G3 geomagnetic storm. The “dark plasma explosion” was first spotted by solar observers on Sunday (Aug. 14) as it erupted from a sunspot on […]

GERD diet: The best and worst foods for acid reflux

Acid reflux is a common issue among the American population, with an estimated 14-20% of adults suffering from a condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Following a GERD diet may help to control this condition and generally help to reduce symptoms of acid reflux in those who experience it less frequently.  The difference between GERD […]

Jurassic Park streaming guide: How to watch the Jurassic Park movies online

Our Jurassic Park streaming guide has everything you need to sit down and watch through the entire franchise, including Jurassic World: Dominion. The sixth installment in the long-running saga, Jurassic World: Dominion, finally delivers on the promise of prehistoric creatures and humans co-existing in a modern world where genetic power has been unleashed. But getting […]