British army ‘failed to treat Indian soldiers for shell shock’

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Delhi artists uncover ‘historic racism’ in provision of mental health care during first world war

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  1. What a racist article. It is very well known that the British military was reluctant to accept that battle field conditions could lead to psychological impairment and suffering because they felt that such acceptance would open the door to many conscripted soldiers being withdrawn from the front line to escape the hellish conditions, without anyone being certain of the veracity of such claims.
    It is also very well known that many British soldiers who were suffering from what we now call Post Traumatic Stress Disorder were shot for desertion or cowardice, although ‘shell shock’ was officially recognised as a condition later in WWI, leading to the establishment of sanitariums for the treatment of the condition.
    The charge of racism can only be made if there was persistent evidence that Indian soldiers were singled out for punishment or inferior treatment compared to their white counterparts. There is absolutely no such evidence.

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