Stonehenge exhibition highlights similarities between ancient British and Japanese cultures | Exhibitions

The treasures on display range from the spectacular – a cooking pot made 5,000 years ago decorated with a ceramic representation of dancing flames – to the intriguing, such as lovingly crafted models of mushrooms that might suggest the ancient makers were interested in the mind-altering properties of fungi. Gathered in an exhibition room at […]

Second ancient canoe – this one 3,000 years old – found in Wisconsin lake | Wisconsin

A 3,000-year-old canoe has been found in Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin, less than a year after another historical canoe dating back more than a millennium was discovered in the same body of water. An archaeologist found the artifact in pieces before it was recovered from the lake last Thursday in collaboration with Wisconsin’s Native […]

How scientists are taking ‘snapshots’ of prehistoric Britain

Scientists have been using sophisticated forensic techniques to create snapshots of life in prehistoric Britain. By discovering, recording and analysing ancient footprints, they have been able to reconstruct in considerable detail specific moments in the lives of Britons who lived up to 8,500 years ago. The research has been carried out on a beach near […]

Tutankhamun’s burial chamber may contain door to Nefertiti’s tomb | Tutankhamun

The discovery of hidden hieroglyphics within Tutankhamun’s tomb lends weight to a theory that the fabled Egyptian queen Nefertiti lies in a hidden chamber adjacent to her stepson’s burial chamber, a world-renowned British Egyptologist has said. Nicholas Reeves, a former curator in the British Museum’s Department of Egyptian Antiquities, said that while the theory remained […]

Traces of opium found in Israeli pottery from 3,500 years ago | Israel

Israeli archaeologists have discovered opium residue in 3,500-year-old pottery pieces, providing evidence to support the theory that the hallucinogenic drug was used in ancient burial rituals. The joint investigation by the Israel Antiquities Authority and Weizmann Institute of Science began in 2012 when excavations in the central Israeli town of Yehud revealed a series of […]

The Lost King review – Frears and Coogan’s Richard III excavation story rewrites its own history | Toronto film festival 2022

This peculiar, tonally uncertain, quirky-solemn-sentimental movie is based on the true story of Philippa Langley, likably played here by Sally Hawkins, the amateur British history enthusiast who in 2012 became globally famous for discovering the remains of Richard III beneath a Leicester car park. By her own account, Langley was a member of the Richard […]