Wreck of 340-year-old sunken Royal Navy warship discovered off Norfolk coast – video | Science

The wreck of a Royal Navy warship that sank in 1682 while carrying the future King James Stuart has been identified off the coast of Norfolk. The wreckage of HMS Gloucester was actually found in 2007 by two brothers, Julian and Lincoln Barnwell, following a four-year search that covered an area of more than 5,000 nautical […]

‘I’m certainly open to criticism’: David Wengrow and the trouble with rewriting human history | Anthropology

Last year a book called The Dawn of Everything announced that most of what we think we know about human history is wrong. Its co-authors, David Graeber and David Wengrow, took aim at the established story that has been repeated by brand writers such as Jared Diamond, Yuval Noah Harari and Steven Pinker – the […]

‘Stunning’ Anglo-Saxon burial site found along HS2 route | Archaeology

An Anglo-Saxon burial site containing the remains of more than 140 people interred with some of their most favoured objects, including jewellery, knives and even a personal grooming kit, has been discovered by archaeologists working on the HS2 route. The site, near Wendover, Buckinghamshire, contained a “stunning set of discoveries”, said the historian Dan Snow. […]

Marble head of Hercules pulled up from Roman shipwreck site in Greece | Greece

For archaeologists, it’s the underwater find that keeps on giving. A Roman-era cargo ship, discovered by chance off the Greek island of Antikythera more than 120 years ago and regarded as the world’s richest ancient shipwreck, has yielded yet more treasures in the most recent explorations of it, including the missing head of a statue […]

Inca-era tomb unearthed beneath home in Peru’s capital | Archaeology

Scientists have unearthed an Inca-era tomb under a home in the heart of Peru’s capital, Lima, a burial believed to hold remains wrapped in cloth alongside ceramics and fine ornaments. The lead archeologist, Julio Abanto, told Reuters the 500-year-old tomb contained “multiple funerary bundles” tightly wrapped in cloth. He said those entombed were probably from […]