After 350 years, sea gives up lost jewels of Spanish shipwreck | Archaeology

It was a Spanish galleon laden with treasures so sumptuous that its sinking in the Bahamas in 1656 sparked repeated salvage attempts over the next 350 years. So when another expedition was launched recently, few thought that there could be anything left – but exquisite, jewel-encrusted pendants and gold chains are among spectacular finds that […]

Medieval pendant with Three Lions unveiled ahead of women’s football final | Archaeology

Football may or may not be coming home to England in Sunday’s Euros 22 final at Wembley, but a new archaeological discovery illustrates quite how long the Three Lions have been cherished in the team’s home country. A tiny medieval pendant, made from copper alloy and featuring the famous heraldic emblem, has come to light […]

Modern herpes variants may be linked to bronze age kissing, study finds | Infectious diseases

The herpes variants that cause modern cold sores became widespread in the wake of bronze age migrations, and may have received a boost from the practice of kissing that came with it, researchers say. Scientists in Cambridge analysed the first ancient DNA specimens of herpes simplex virus and found that one variant overtook all others […]

I can only stand in baffled awe as my husband’s novel is brought to life on film | Rachel Cooke

I often feel other human beings are essentially unknowable; don’t even those closest to us do such strange and unwarranted things? But the sensation has surely never been more powerful than when, earlier this month, I went on the location of The Critic, a film based on my husband’s novel, Curtain Call. Taking it all […]

‘Weird, wonderful’: rare dig at Arthur’s Stone writes new story of neolithic site | Archaeology

High above one of western Britain’s loveliest valleys, the silence is broken by the sound of gentle digging, scraping and brushing, along with bursts of excited chatter as another ancient feature is revealed or a curious visitor stops by to find out what is going on. This summer archaeologists have been granted rare permission to […]