WWII bombing raids sent shockwaves to the edge of space, study findings show

The findings could help uncover mysterious ways in which natural disasters are affecting the Earth’s atmosphere. Bomb attacks in the Second World War were so intense that they changed the edges of the Earth’s atmosphere, according to a new study. The fierce bombing campaigns had huge and dramatic effects on the ground below the planes. […]

‘Original archaeologists’: Arnhem Land traditional owners take charge of priceless rock art | Indigenous Australians

Traditional owners from western Arnhem Land say they are the “original archaeologists” of their country, and now they are taking action to preserve their priceless history on their own terms. “Many of the stories are still hidden away from non-Indigenous people who have learned very little about them,” Bininj traditional owner Conrad Maralngurra says. “They […]

Rock cakes? Stonehenge builders may have enjoyed mince pies | Stonehenge

After a day enduring midwinter winds whipping off Salisbury Plain, the ancient builders of Stonehenge may have warmed up with a prehistoric version of the mince pie, archaeologists have suggested. The hardy engineers of the great Wiltshire monument might also have kept themselves going by nibbling on their version of energy bars made of berries, […]

Rutland’s Roman mosaics bring the Trojan Wars to life in the East Midlands | Natalie Haynes

Archaeologists always hope for a mosaic. Roman-British sites have yielded some remarkable treasures, from writing tablets at Vindolanda near Hadrian’s Wall to curse tablets at Bath, but there is something magical about seeing tesserae – the little coloured tiles of a mosaic – emerge from beneath the soil. And few have been more remarkable than […]

Rescued from obscurity: UK archaeologist who restored Sicily’s glories | Heritage

In the 1920s, the discovery of ancient ruins in Sicily, now the largest archaeological site in the world, was celebrated with excitement in British newspapers. It was hailed with much the same level of enthusiasm as was given to Howard Carter and Arthur Evans’s excavations of the treasures of Tutankhamun and the palace of Knossos. […]

New tests show neolithic pits near Stonehenge were human-made | Archaeology

When a series of deep pits were discovered near the world heritage site of Stonehenge last year, archaeologists excitedly described it as the largest prehistoric structure ever found in Britain – only for some colleagues to dismiss the pits as mere natural features. Now scientific tests have proved that those gaping pits, each aligned to […]