‘Weird, wonderful’: rare dig at Arthur’s Stone writes new story of neolithic site | Archaeology

High above one of western Britain’s loveliest valleys, the silence is broken by the sound of gentle digging, scraping and brushing, along with bursts of excited chatter as another ancient feature is revealed or a curious visitor stops by to find out what is going on. This summer archaeologists have been granted rare permission to […]

Early human ancestors one million years older than earlier thought | Fossils

The fossils of our earliest ancestors found in South Africa are a million years older than previously thought, meaning they walked the Earth around the same time as their east African relatives like the famous “Lucy”, according to new research. The Sterkfontein caves at the Cradle of Humankind world heritage site southwest of Johannesburg have […]

Digital mapping reveals network of settlements thrived in pre-Columbian Amazon | Archaeology

Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a vast network of settlements hidden beneath the undergrowth of the Bolivian Amazon, in what has been described as the clearest example yet of the complex societies that thrived in a region once held to be pristine wilderness. The system of monumental centres, towns and villages spans hundreds, if […]

Romans ventured deeper into Wales than thought, road discovery shows | Roman Britain

The awe-inspiring beauty of the Preseli Hills and the surrounding wild moorlands have long drawn visitors to north Pembrokeshire in Wales. Now an archaeologist has found evidence that even the Romans were drawn to the area, with the discovery of an ancient road showing they travelled farther west across Britain than previously thought. Dr Mark […]

Briton given 15 years in Iraqi jail for smuggling antiquities to appeal verdict | Iraq

Lawyers for a British geologist handed a 15-year sentence by an Iraqi judge after being convicted of smuggling antiquities will immediately appeal against the shock verdict, which has left his family “stunned”. Jim Fitton, 66, arrived at court in Baghdad hoping for a short suspended sentence after being charged with collecting fragments from a site […]