Step aside hipsters, scientists need your coconut water to artificially inseminate pigs

Scientists in Uganda say that coconut water can be used to effectively transport pig sperm used in artificial insemination. (Image credit: Shutterstock) (opens in new tab) Coconut water is a trendy alternative to sports drinks for many people, despite a lack of scientific evidence to prove it is any more hydrating than regular water. But […]

Listeria outbreak that sickened 23 people tied to ice cream brand

A Listeria outbreak that resulted in 22 hospitalizations and one death has been linked to an ice cream brand called Big Olaf Creamery, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced (opens in new tab) July 2. Big Olaf Creamery, based in Sarasota, Florida, is voluntarily contacting stores to “recommend against selling their ice […]

Astronauts suffer decades of bone loss from months in space, study reveals

Astronauts on space missions lasting longer than six months suffer decades’ worth of bone loss, much of which could be irreversible, a new study has found. The finding may present a serious challenge to future crewed missions to Mars. For missions that last six months or longer, astronauts’ exposure to the microgravity of space causes […]

Rare ‘triple-dip’ La Niña could bring another year of intense hurricanes and drought to the US

After two years of La Niña — El Niño’s cooler counterpart — the South Pacific may be facing a potential third appearance of La Niña in a row, which could bring more rainfall to an already-saturated eastern Australia and continue the trend of intense hurricane seasons along the east coast of the United States, and […]