Early Image of Jesus Christ Discovered at Oxyrhynchus, Egypt

Spanish and French archaeologists excavating at the ancient Egyptian city of Oxyrhynchus have discovered what could be one of the earliest known images of Jesus Christ. At the archaeological site, which is located about 160 km south-southwest of Cairo, the team led by Prof Josep Padro from the University of Barcelona unearthed an underground stone structure dating […]

25,000-Year-Old Human and Animal DNA Found in Georgian Cave

An international team of scientists has retrieved and analyzed nuclear and mitochondrial environmental DNA of humans, wolfs (Canis lupus), and bisons (Bison bonasus) from a 25,000-year-old sediment sample from the Upper Paleolithic site of Satsurblia Cave, western Georgia, Caucasus. Satsurblia Cave is a karst cave located 1.2 km from Kumistavi village in the Imereti region of […]

Cave thought to hold unicorn bones actually home to Neanderthal artwork

Neanderthals carved chevrons into a giant deer toe. A German cave once famous for its “unicorn bones” during medieval times is home to a far-rarer non-mythical treasure: a piece of symbolic artwork created by Neanderthals, a new study finds. The artwork, a chevron design, was carved into the toe bone of the now-extinct giant deer (Megaloceros giganteus), […]

Temple Restoration Reveals Previously Unknown Names of Ancient Egyptian Constellations

The restoration of an ancient Egyptian temple in Esna, located about 60 km south of the ancient capital of Luxor in Egypt, has uncovered the original colors of the temple inscriptions and images, and revealed previously unknown names of ancient Egyptian constellations. The temple of Esna, dedicated to the Egyptian deity Khnum, is one of the last […]