Mystery as wrecks of three Dutch WWII ships vanish from Java seabed

There are fears the sunken vessels off Indonesia, which are the graves of 2,200 people, may have been salvaged for metal An international investigation has been launched into the mysterious disappearance of three Dutch second world war shipwrecks which have vanished from the bottom of the Java Sea off the coast of Indonesia. The Netherlands defence ministry has […]

Food remains in ancient cooking pots suggest farming caught on slowly

Residues in 6,000-year-old cooking pots point to a gradual transition to agriculture, contrary to received wisdom Our ancestors’ move from hunter-gathering to farming happened gradually rather than abruptly, food residues found in 6,000-year-old cooking pots suggests. Evidence from pots found around the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe shows farmers at the beginning of the Neolithic […]

UK in talks with Indonesia over missing sunken WWII warships

Disappearance of six Dutch and British ships sunk in 1942 sparked international condemnation The British government is in talks with Indonesia over the disappearance of half a dozen sunken warships illegally salvaged from the Java Sea, together with the remains of hundreds of Dutch and British sailors. British diplomats met the Indonesian maritime ministry in Jakarta to […]

Egypt’s historical sites facing climate threat

Egypt-It’s a steamy November day in the southern Egyptian city of Luxor, and the tourists tramping through the ancient temples of Luxor and Karnak are sweating. But the city’s famed 7,000-year-old antiquities are feeling the heat too. Increasingly high temperatures linked to climate change, as well as wilder weather-particularly heavy rains and flooding-are taking a […]

Astronomical relics of 5,000 yrs old

Senior Chinese archaeologists have evaluated astronomical relics discovered in Central China’s Henan province as the country’s earliest evidence for “observing the images and giving time,” advancing history by nearly 1,000 years. Archaeologists found the “Big Dipper Nine Stars” marker at the 5,000-year-old Qingtai Ruins in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital. The size of the nine objects […]

Archaeologists Find Toxic Chemicals in Water Reservoirs of Ancient Maya City of Tikal

New research reveals that two of the largest reservoirs at Tikal, an ancient Maya city in what is now northern Guatemala, were contaminated with high levels of mercury, phosphate and cyanobacteria known to produce deadly toxins. Tikal is one of the largest archaeological sites and political, economic and military centers of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization. The […]

Archaeologists say White Monument in Tal Banat was tribute to war dead of 3rd millennium

A burial mound in northern Syria has been identified by researchers as perhaps the world’s oldest known war memorial. The site, known as the White Monument, in the town of Tal Banat had previously been thought to be an ancient mass grave of enemy fighters. However, a report published in the journal Antiquity on Friday suggests it was a […]