Legal battle with historian over claim of lesbian liaison with Nazi guard

Warwick University academic ‘broke German court ruling that protected dead woman’s reputation’ The daughter of a Holocaust survivor has begun a legal battle to protect her deceased mother’s reputation from allegations that she had a lesbian relationship with an SS guard. Earlier this year, a German court ruled that Dr Anna Hájková, associate professor of modern continental […]

New research sheds new light on intellectual achievements of long-vanished empire

David Keys explains how a major study into the Aztecs’ hieroglyphic writing system suggests it was one of the most sophisticated scripts that humanity has ever produced Exactly 500 years after they were destroyed by the Spanish conquistadores, the long-lost intellectual foundations of Aztec civilisation are being rediscovered by a British anthropologist. In 1521, the Spanish military […]

Egypt cuts highways across pyramids plateau

Project championed by Egypt’s powerful military will slice across world heritage site Egypt is building two highways across the pyramids plateau outside Cairo, reviving and expanding a project that was suspended in the 1990s after an international outcry. The Great Pyramids, Egypt’s top tourist destination, are the sole survivor of the seven wonders of the […]

Imperial War Museums gallery to question way Holocaust understood

Exhibition to challenge narrative that genocide happened in the shadows A new Imperial War Museums gallery will challenge visitors to “beware the Holocaust because you could have been a perpetrator”. It is believed the £30m gallery will become the first in the world focusing on the Holocaust to be integrated with a second world war gallery when it opens […]

The ancient propaganda war that led to the triumph of Christianity

New historical research is shedding fresh light on the birth of Christianity as a major religion. Although Christianity had existed since the mid-first century AD, it didn’t become the Roman empire’s main religion until more than 250 years later. Now, new research is revealing the dramatic pro-Christian and anti-Christian propaganda wars which preceded Christianity’s emergence as the empire’s dominant […]

Gave early warning of Nazi threat

The group, who visited Weimar Berlin to enjoy its nightlife, witnessed the danger Hitler posed, a new book reveals They were attacked as warmongers, threatened with deselection and despised by Neville Chamberlain, who branded them “the Glamour Boys”. Yet a new book has claimed that a group of gay MPs were among the first to warn […]

Roman era unearthed in Turkey

Spectators likely bet on the arena’s wild animals fights and gladiator battles. Archaeologists in Turkey have discovered the remains of a “magnificent” Roman-era arena, where up to 20,000 spectators likely cheered and jeered as they watched gladiator matches and wild animal fights, the excavators said. The 1,800-year-old arena was discovered on the rolling hills of […]