The ancient Indians were among the first coppersmiths in the world.

About 8500 years ago, hunter-gatherers living beside Eagle Lake in Wisconsin hammered out a conical, 10-centimeter-long projectile point made of pure copper. The finely crafted point, used to hunt big game, highlights a New World technological triumph—and a puzzle. A new study of that artifact and other traces of prehistoric mining concludes that what is […]

Archaeologist says ability to think and create objects may not have been restricted to homo sapiens

When Neanderthals, Denisovans and homo sapiens met one another 50,000 years ago, these archaic and modern humans not only interbred during the thousands of years in which they overlapped, but they exchanged ideas that led to a surge in creativity, according to a leading academic. Tom Higham, a professor of archaeological science at the University of Oxford, […]

Archaeologists find Bronze Age tombs containing trove of gold artifacts

Archaeologists have discovered an engraved piece of jewelry and gold artefacts in two Bronze Age tombs that could shed new light on ancient Greek life. The discovery was announced in Greece on Tuesday. The team spent more than 18 months excavating and documenting their findings, including numerous cultural artifacts and fine jewellery that may have […]

Fossil evidence shows that the members of

Ancient human species made the “final stance” on the Indonesian island 100,000 years ago

Ancient human species made the “final stance” on the Indonesian island 100,000 years ago When seafaring modern humans ventured onto the island of Java some 40,000 years ago, they found a rainforest-covered land teeming with life—but they weren’t the first humans to call the island home. Their distant ancestor, Homo erectus, had traveled to Java when it […]

Egyptian crucial

Stunning pictures show inside of 4,000-year-old ancient Egyptian tomb

The tomb, close Saqqara, a colossal necropolis south of Cairo, had a spot with a senior authority named Khuwy He is acknowledged to have been a privileged person in the midst of the Fifth Dynasty, which controlled over Egypt around 4,300 years back In an essential archeological disclosure, Egypt on Saturday revealed the tomb of […]