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Summertime in New York City has got to be one of the most brutal seasons for those who struggle with humidity, especially with so many pre-war apartments without central air conditioning. The humidity reaches rates of 50-75% on average during the summer, so those who thrive in the dry air need all the help they can get. We put the GE APER50LZ dehumidifier to the test, to see how much it could help the humidity in our home. 

GE APER50LZ dehumidifier: Essential information

Relatively heavy to lift in original box 

Comes on wheels, easy to shift 

Approx. 65 dB noise level 

72” power cord 

Multiple means of emptying water 

Automatic shut-off

Three fan speeds

Sleek design

Suitable for small-medium rooms

While the GE APER50LZ dehumidifier does help with taking the edge off of that city humidity, it also might not be powerful enough to change the environment drastically, depending on the room you put it in. After all, shifting the entirety of a seasonal condition is a tough challenge, especially when it comes to humidity levels like the ones in the Northeast.

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