Giant snail fossil dating back 60 million years found in Mersin

Flickr-James St. John

A giant snail fossil, which is estimated to belong to the Paleocene (65-55 million years ago) period, was found in the central Tauruslar district of Mersin.

Making a statement after the examination at Mersin University (MEU) Fisheries Faculty, Prof. Dr. Deniz Ayas also stated that the snail fossil in question is a rare species and dates back 60 million years.

Süleyman Uygun, who went by bicycle 5 days ago, found a fossil snail in Arslanköy Neighborhood, located at an altitude of 1500, in the Taurus Mountains, 60 kilometers away from the city center. Uygun took the fossil, which he thought was a piece of stone, and shared its photo on his social media account.

After his research, Uygun learned that the stone he found was a snail fossil, and donated this fossil to the Sea Creatures Museum opened at MEÜ Fisheries Faculty. The true age of the fossil in question was revealed during the examination.

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