MacBook Pro 13 vs HP Envy 13: Student laptop showdown

For similar laptops, there are a number of stark differences when you compare the MacBook Pro 13 vs the HP Envy 13, two of the best laptops for students on the market right now. HP’s offering is a versatile 2-in-1 with otherwise traditional PC architecture (and, naturally, running Windows out of the box), while Apple’s latest “budget Pro” boasts their shiny second generation M2 SoC and proprietary OS. 

At a glance, contrasting the MacBook Pro 13 vs the HP Envy 13 doesn’t reveal a clear cut winner in the battle for students’ precious dollars. Regardless of major, there are certain features virtually all students expect from their laptops—they need to be capable, portable, and affordable, the three pillars that represent the “crumb” of the laptop cake for students. But the icing is important as well, the bells and whistles that wow in display cases and review videos and are often the determining factor when it’s time to actually commit to one machine or another. 

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