Maritime Archaeology Trust Brings Lesser Known WWI Shipwrecks to Life

Shortly after, the SS Lusitania hit what is presumed to be the same mine. The Anglia sank in under 15 minutes.

Shipwreck, stock photo

Mines and self-propelled torpedoes made sea travel during the First World War incredibly risky. Though maritime disasters such as the sinking of the RMS Lusitania are well-known, when considering the sheer volume and casualties of maritime warfare, it is less commonplace to consider the smaller skirmishes.

Indeed, there are over a thousand wartime wrecks along England’s south coast alone. The “Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War,” a Heritage Lottery Funded project devised and delivered by the Maritime Archaeology Trust (MAT), was carried out over four years coinciding with the centennial of the First World War (2014-2018) in an effort to enrich knowledge of these wartime wrecks.

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