GoFit Super Ab Wheel review

The GoFit Super Ab Wheel has given the OG GoFit range an upgrade. The super-wide dual treads and grippy rubber handles provide extra stability and traction to send this product soaring above entry-level ab wheels and firmly into our round-up for best ab roller on the market.  This ab roller has adopted a double wheel […]

GymShark Ab Roller review | Live Science

The GymShark Ab Roller might not be sophisticated, but it’s still guaranteed to put your rig through the wringer. GymShark has designed this ab wheel with a thin tread that provides enough instability to challenge the core control of even the most advanced fitness enthusiasts.  This model is among the best ab roller options for […]

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro review

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is a beast of an ab roller, and while it won’t slot discreetly into your gym bag, it’s a brilliant bit of core carving kit that’s guaranteed to get your abs aching.  Key Details – Product comes in three parts – Includes knee pads – Chunkier than other ab […]

SKLZ Core Wheels review | Live Science

What’s better than an ab roller for a hardcore core workout? Well, according to the team behind the SKLZ Core Wheels, the answer is simple: two ab rollers. And judging by the evidence from our tests, they would be right; the product wowed our in-house testers, earning it the top spot on our list of […]

Vinsguir Ab Roller review | Live Science

The Vinsguir Ab Roller offers something fresh and effective for anyone tired of scrolling through scores of core workouts on YouTube.  The machine adds an element of instability and dynamism to the classic plank in order to put your mid-section to work, and it won’t take long before you feel the burn. It’s for this […]

Does tea really help with digestion?

If you’ve been dealing with digestion problems like bloating, constipation, or stomach pain, you’ve probably already tried various remedies. In your search for a ‘cure’ to your digestion issue, you may have come across claims that drinking tea can help to — well — get things moving again. But does tea really help with digestion, […]

Sharks: Facts about the ocean’s apex predators

Long portrayed in pop culture as remorseless people-killers, sharks in reality are no Hollywood monsters. Sharks are a diverse group of mostly predatory fish, including the largest living fish, with skeletons made of cartilage. They have plied the seas since before the dinosaurs lived and play vital ecosystem roles.  Sharks’ long evolutionary history includes reaching […]

10 antioxidant rich foods to include in your diet

Including antioxidant rich foods in your diet has never been more important, with air pollution, tobacco smoke, UV radiation, alcohol and fried foods all exposing us to countless sources of oxidative stress. Our fast modern lifestyles have fueled the steep rise in chronic health conditions too, but the good news is that including more antioxidant […]