Waterpik Ultra Plus review | Live Science

The Waterpik Ultra Plus lives up to the name “ultra”, with a range of flossing tips, a large reservoir capacity and ten powerful pressure settings. Whether you’re new to water flossing or are looking for a flosser to take up permanent residence in your bathroom, the Ultra Plus is better than most of the portable […]

Pesky ‘leap second’ will be abolished by 2035

Time is up for the leap second. Last week, an international coalition of scientists and government agencies voted to retire the dated timekeeping system, which will officially end in 2035. The decision was made Nov. 18 during a general conference in France held by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), the organization responsible […]

Why does stubbing your toe hurt so much?

You’re rounding a corner in your home when a jolt of pain suddenly shoots through your pinky toe. You let out a yelp and find yourself frozen to the spot, desperately waiting for the throbbing in your stubbed toe to subside. There’s no pain quite like ramming your toe into a door frame or table […]