Crushed by Ice: Ships from 1871 Whaling Disaster Possibly Found

Before sea ice formed along Alaska’s Arctic coastline this winter, marine archaeologists discovered the wrecks of two 19th-century ships that likely met their demise during a famous whaling disaster. In September 1871, 33 whaling ships became stuck in pack ice off the coast of Wainwright, Alaska. The captains waited in vain for a change in winds, which […]

Archaeologists Map Famed Shipwrecks and War Graves in Scotland

A sheltered body of water in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, Scapa Flow is calm on its surface. But underwater, the seabed is full of historic shipwrecks and war graves where hundreds of sailors were killed. Using sonar and underwater robots, marine archaeologists have just completed a mission to map 10 of those wrecks in detail, including […]

Battleship Discovered at the Bottom of the Atlantic

The wreck of one of the most famous German warships of World War I has been located on the seafloor near the Falkland Islands, where it sank in a battle with British warships more than 100 years ago. The battlecruiser Scharnhorst sank on Dec. 8, 1914, with more than 800 crewmembers on board, including German Adm. Maximilian […]