Ancient Chinese cat bones shake up domestication theory

Fossil discovery an ‘important step’ in understanding feline transformation from pest-control to pet A cat-and-mouse game played out in a Chinese village 5,300 years ago is helping scientists understand how wild felines became the tame pets we know today. Scientists believe it was the cat’s appetite that led to domestication. Grain stored by ancient farmers […]

Queen Nefertiti dazzles the modern imagination

Author Michelle Moran brought the famous Egyptian queen to life in her popular book Nefertiti – and is thrilled by what the possible discovery of Nefertit’s tomb could teach us about her life In the windswept, hot, sandy Egyptian desert in 1912, a German archaeological team headed by Ludwig Borchardt was excavating a long-forgotten city […]

Neolithic Chinese People First Tamed Cattle Over 10,000 Years Ago

A new study reported in the journal Nature Communications provides the first multi-disciplinary evidence that humans in what is now China first domesticated cattle around 8,000 BC, around the same time cattle domestication took place in the Near East. Until now, scientists believed that humans started domesticating cattle around 10,000 years ago in the Near East, which gave […]

Archaeologists Find ‘Lost’ Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt

U.S. archaeologists digging at Abydos, Egypt say they have discovered the tomb of Woseribre-Senebkay, a previously unknown Egyptian pharaoh who ruled during the Second Intermediate Period, shortly before 1650 BC. The excavations at Abydos during the 2013 season have yielded numerous finds including a royal tomb with a large sarcophagus weighing almost 60 tons. The tomb […]

New Finds from ‘Sea People’ Settlement

Scientists from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, say they have unearthed a 3,100-year-old building and a number of artifacts at the archaeological site of Tell Abu al-Kharaz in Jordan. Tell Abu al-Kharaz (‘Mound of the Father of Beads’) is located in the Jordan Valley, close to the border to Israel and the West Bank. The settlement […]