Piscina Mirabilis. Bacoli. southern Italy.


When the sun is high in the sky, the darkness of Piscina Mirabilis in Bacoli in the province of Naples is pierced by the cross-light knives that resemble a magnificent secret cathedral that makes the Roman cistern built during the Augustus period. it is invisible from the outside.

Heavy rain falls from a height of fifteen meters, reveals vaulted ceilings and forty-eight column silhouettes, and identifies four seventy-two-meter corridors.

The twelve thousand cubic meter basin dug into the tuff of the hill overlooking the harbor of Miseno was the place where drinking water from the springs in Serino near Avellino ended its journey to quench thirst after a hundred kilometers along the Aqua Augusta aqueduct. Men of the largest fleet of the Roman Empire – Classis Misenensis – as well as people living in the region of Naples and Phlegraean.

A pearl hidden in the world’s moneybox, a wonderful – mirabilis – surprise, protected by blind embraces of the sea.

One of the largest fresh water cisterns built by the ancient Romans.

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