Amazon Women

Samsun Amazon Women

Amazon Women
Amazon Women

Located on the West Park in the city center of Samsun on an area of 50 thousand square meters in the Amazon Island 2.5-acre Amazon Village, according to legend, Samsun’s Terme district Gölyazı Beldesi’nde estimated to have over twenty statues of amazon women.
The artificial village, which takes its name from the Amazons, thought to have lived in Temiskira (Terme), features representative sculptures, reliefs, cross-sections of daily life and belongings of amazons, a matriarchal society. The amazon community, known as the legendary female warriors, uses weapons such as a single mammalian arrow, a bow and a double-edged ax. His eyes are real prosthetic eyes, his hair is made of real hair and sculptures made with a special silicone material used in Hollywood horror movies are very realistic with their proximity to human tissue.

Amazon Island

Located on the slope of Amisos Hill and built on an area of 50,000 square meters and named after the amazonlari warrior women’s community, the Amazon Island is famous for its huge size of the Amazon and Anatolian Lion Sculptures that can be seen from many points of Samsun.

The giant Amazon Warrior Statue, which welcomes visitors at the entrance to Amazon Island, has a height of 12.5 meters and a width of 4 meters. The sculpture weighing 6 tons was completed by a group of 10 people consisting of sculptors from Samsunlu and Ankara. The amazon woman warrior statue waiting for the island with its shield and spear adds a distinct aesthetics to the Black Sea coast with its grandeur.

There are two statues called Anatolian Lions on the right and left sides of the Amazon Statue on the Amazon Island. Inside the lion statues where video and audio presentations are made about the amazon community can be reached by the stairs. When you go to the mouth of the lions, you can see an incredible view and you can watch Amazon Island from quite high.

Amazon Island, located in West Park in 2010, is an artificial island separated from the land by a canal. The island, which can be crossed with bridges, also includes the Amazon canal, artificial ski slope, fish restaurants and picnic grounds. Water park, fitness center and sports facilities are planned to be built in the future.



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