Anglo-Saxon treasures ‘returning home’ for north-east heritage venture | Museums

Rare Anglo-Saxon treasures from the British Museum are “returning home” to the north-east of England to help tell the story of a royal court in Northumbria’s golden age. The objects include one of the finest examples of Anglo-Saxon glass ever found in England and a replica of one of the superstars of Northumbrian artistry, the […]

1,600-year-old Anglo-Saxon cemetery holds speared man and wealthy woman

A wealthy pagan burial ground, dating from the first years of the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain during the fifth century A.D., has been uncovered near London ahead of a high-speed rail project, known as High Speed 2 (HS2). The new discoveries, which include more than 100 skeletons, are among the most important archaeological finds made […]

‘Stunning’ Anglo-Saxon burial site found along HS2 route | Archaeology

An Anglo-Saxon burial site containing the remains of more than 140 people interred with some of their most favoured objects, including jewellery, knives and even a personal grooming kit, has been discovered by archaeologists working on the HS2 route. The site, near Wendover, Buckinghamshire, contained a “stunning set of discoveries”, said the historian Dan Snow. […]

Sutton Hoo of the north: £10.4m visitor centre to celebrate Anglo-Saxon site | Archaeology

“Just here would have been the great hall,” says Chris Ferguson to a Guardian reporter and a dozen indifferent sheep chewing grass in a stunning Northumberland valley. “Over there would have been the royal residence and behind that, a grandstand. We are on top of one of the most important sites of Anglo-Saxon history anywhere […]