Worm-eaten shipwreck of Captain Cook’s Endeavour under threat from more marine animals | Australia news

The wreck of Captain James Cook’s Endeavour is under threat not just from shipworms, but also from fish, crustaceans, and the ocean itself, maritime archaeologists warn. The wooden ship rests off the coast of Rhode Island, in the US, and is already worm-eaten. Experts from the Australian National Maritime Museum say time is critical in […]

Is that a facehugger?! How the monster from Alien turned up in the Gulf of Mexico | Animals

Name: Bathynomus yucatanensis. Yikes! What the hell is that? Can we do this properly, the Pass notes way? Sorry. Age: Somewhere near the 160m year mark. From fossil records, that’s how long giant isopods are calculated to have been around. Isopod? It’s a type of crustacean. And bathynomus yucatanensis is a giant one of those? […]

What’s the biggest group of animals ever recorded on Earth?

In early 2020, ornithologist Noah Strycker found himself walking amongst several thousand chinstrap penguins on Elephant Island, a remote blip of snow-covered rock just off the Antarctic Peninsula. He was there to carry out a census of the island’s penguin colony, which hadn’t been properly surveyed since 1970. “I’ll never forget the sight, sound, and…smell,” […]

Ancient Chinese cat bones shake up domestication theory

Fossil discovery an ‘important step’ in understanding feline transformation from pest-control to pet A cat-and-mouse game played out in a Chinese village 5,300 years ago is helping scientists understand how wild felines became the tame pets we know today. Scientists believe it was the cat’s appetite that led to domestication. Grain stored by ancient farmers […]

Neanderthals Hunted Fallow Deer

In a study published June 25 in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, an international team of researchers reports lesions observed on two fallow deer skeletons from Neumark-Nord, Germany, unearthed during excavations of 120,000-year-old lake shore deposits with traces of Neanderthal presence. A detailed analysis of the lesions demonstrates that they resulted from the close-range use of thrusting […]

Mediterranean Sea for Clam Shells

Shell fishing was a common activity of Neanderthals, according to new research led by University of Colorado, Boulder archaeologists. In 1949, archaeologists working at the site of Grotta dei Moscerini, a cave in the Latium region of central Italy, found a large collection of unusual artifacts: 171 shells of the smooth clam (Callista chione) that Neanderthals had […]