Tsunami from dinosaur-killing asteroid had mile-high waves and reached halfway across the world

The dinosaur-killing asteroid that slammed into Earth 66 million years ago also triggered a jumbo-size tsunami with mile-high waves in the Gulf of Mexico whose waters traveled halfway around the world, a new study finds. Researchers discovered evidence of this monumental tsunami after analyzing cores from more than 100 sites worldwide and creating digital models […]

Could an asteroid destroy Earth?

After dominating the Earth for more than 160 million years, the dinosaurs finally met their doom thanks to a visitor from space. Around 66 million years ago, an asteroid measuring at least 6 miles (10 kilometers) across dealt the dinosaurs’ world a devastating blow, triggering earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and climate catastrophes that soon rendered […]

Hubble and James Webb Space Telescope spot plume from DART struck asteroid

The spectacular moment NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) craft smashed into a distant asteroid has been captured by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and the Hubble Space Telescope — and the footage is incredible.  The DART spacecraft smashed into the asteroid Dimorphos, which is 7 million miles (11 million kilometers) from Earth, at […]

Watch NASA’s DART spacecraft hit ‘bullseye’ by smashing into an asteroid

NASA’s asteroid smashing spacecraft completed its spectacular doomed attack on a distant asteroid last night, and we already have three awe-inspiring videos of the event. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft collided with the 7 million mile (11 million kilometer) distant asteroid Dimorphos at 7:14 p.m. ET on Monday (Sept. 26) in humanity’s first […]

NASA just redirected an asteroid by smashing a spacecraft into it | Live Science

NASA has intentionally slammed a spacecraft into an asteroid in the first ever test of Earth’s planetary defense system. NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft smashed into the asteroid Dimorphos at 7:14 p.m. ET on Monday (Sept. 26) in humanity’s first attempt to alter an asteroid’s trajectory. NASA believes the impact will be a […]

NASA will smash its DART spacecraft into an asteroid on Monday. Here’s how to watch.

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft is set to slam into an asteroid on Monday (Sept. 26), in the first ever test of humanity’s ability to deflect life-threatening asteroids before they collide with Earth.  The 1,210-pound (550 kilograms) DART craft, a squat cube-shaped probe consisting of sensors, an antenna, an ion thruster and two […]

Did a second killer asteroid finish the dinosaurs off? Crater in West Africa hints yes.

A likely asteroid impact crater from the latter days of the dinosaurs has been discovered off the coast of West Africa, raising questions about whether the asteroid that wiped out the dinos may have had a smaller sibling that struck around the same time. The crater, hidden under about 3,000 feet (900 meters) of water […]