31,000-year-old skeleton missing its lower left leg is earliest known evidence of surgery, experts say | Australia news

A 31,000-year-old skeleton missing its lower left leg and found in a remote Indonesian cave is believed to be the earliest known evidence of surgery, according to a peer-reviewed study that experts say rewrites understanding of human history. An expedition team led by Australian and Indonesian archaeologists stumbled upon the skeletal remains while excavating a […]

Worm-eaten shipwreck of Captain Cook’s Endeavour under threat from more marine animals | Australia news

The wreck of Captain James Cook’s Endeavour is under threat not just from shipworms, but also from fish, crustaceans, and the ocean itself, maritime archaeologists warn. The wooden ship rests off the coast of Rhode Island, in the US, and is already worm-eaten. Experts from the Australian National Maritime Museum say time is critical in […]

Shipwreck of Captain Cook’s Endeavour being eaten by ‘termites of the ocean’, expert says | Australia news

There are fears the wreck of Captain James Cook’s Endeavour is being destroyed by shipworms, the “termites of the ocean”. In February, the Australian Maritime Museum announced that the shipwreck, in waters off the coast of Rhode Island in the US, was “the final resting place” of that famous historical ship. The Rhode Island Marine […]

65,000 year-old ‘Swiss Army knife’ proves ancient humans shared knowledge, research says | Australia news

A 65,000-year-old tool – a kind of ancient Swiss Army knife – found across southern Africa has provided scientists with proof that the ancestors of modern homo sapiens were communicating with each other. In a world first, a team of international scientists have found early humans across the continent made the stone tool in exactly […]

Australian dig finds evidence of Aboriginal habitation up to 80,000 years ago

Artefacts in Kakadu national park have been dated between 65,000 and 80,000 years old, extending likely occupation of area by thousands of years A groundbreaking archaeological discovery in Australia’s north has extended the known length of time Aboriginal people have inhabited the continent to at least 65,000 years. The findings on about 11,000 artefacts from […]

Anatomically Modern Humans Arrived in Southeast Asia Far Earlier than Previously Thought

New excavations of a cave site in western Sumatra called Lida Ajer indicate modern humans reached Southeast Asia between 73,000 to 63,000 years ago — up to 20,000 years earlier than archaeologists previously thought. The findings, published in the journal Nature, also suggest humans could have potentially made the crossing to Australia even earlier than the accepted 60,000 […]