Missing woman’s body discovered in the stomach of 22-foot-long python in Indonesia

The body of a woman in Indonesia was recently discovered in the stomach of a massive, 22-foot-long (6.7 meters) python, which had killed and swallowed its victim whole.  The woman, a 54-year-old grandmother named Jahrah, went missing in Jambi province on the island of Sumatra on Oct. 23, according to CNN Indonesia (opens in new […]

‘Zombie cells’ in the body tied to aging may actually help heal tissue damage

“Zombie cells” that contribute to age-related diseases also help heal damaged tissues, so wiping them out could come with major downsides, a new study suggests.  The zombies, scientifically known as “senescent” cells, are cells that stop multiplying due to damage or stress but don’t die, according to the National Institute on Aging (opens in new […]

What does cardio do to your body?

We know it can get your heart pumping and leave you out of breath, but what does cardio do to your body? Before plunging into the details, it’s worth laying out exactly what counts as cardio. Technically, any exercise that gets your heart rate up and increases blood flow falls into this category. That means […]

Aerobic exercise: Here’s what it really does to your body

Personal trainers and exercise physiologists often talk about aerobic exercise and they may casually refer to it as cardio. The latter, however, is a catch-all term that more closely refers to any form of exercise that increases your heart rate. Aerobic exercise, meanwhile, is any form of exercise that uses oxygen (aerobic actually meaning “with […]