How scientists are taking ‘snapshots’ of prehistoric Britain

Scientists have been using sophisticated forensic techniques to create snapshots of life in prehistoric Britain. By discovering, recording and analysing ancient footprints, they have been able to reconstruct in considerable detail specific moments in the lives of Britons who lived up to 8,500 years ago. The research has been carried out on a beach near […]

Medieval map of Britain may reveal evidence of mythological islands

A faded medieval map of Britain may reveal evidence of “long lost” islands detailed in Welsh mythology, a new study finds.  Researchers discovered the “missing” islands after analyzing the 650-year-old Gough map, which is now housed in the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford. In the area now known as Cardigan Bay, in Wales, […]

Romans ventured deeper into Wales than thought, road discovery shows | Roman Britain

The awe-inspiring beauty of the Preseli Hills and the surrounding wild moorlands have long drawn visitors to north Pembrokeshire in Wales. Now an archaeologist has found evidence that even the Romans were drawn to the area, with the discovery of an ancient road showing they travelled farther west across Britain than previously thought. Dr Mark […]

Archaeologists accidentally break eggs that had been going off for 1,700 years

Cracked shells released overpowering ‘potent stench’   [slide-anything id=’2811′] Archaeologists accidentally broke three Roman eggs that had been going off for 1,700 years. The excavators unearthed a basket of four chickens’ eggs in a waterlogged pit during a dig in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Three of the eggs cracked, releasing an overpowering “potent stench”, however the team managed to preserve […]