Lord Elgin paid no British customs tax on Parthenon marbles, letters reveal | Parthenon marbles

Lord Elgin imported the Parthenon marbles into Britain without paying customs tax after the foreign secretary intervened on his behalf, newly discovered letters reveal. The documents, dating from the early 19th century, show that after he controversially stripped them from the frieze of the Parthenon in Athens, Elgin was helped to bring huge shipments of […]

Stonehenge exhibition highlights similarities between ancient British and Japanese cultures | Exhibitions

The treasures on display range from the spectacular – a cooking pot made 5,000 years ago decorated with a ceramic representation of dancing flames – to the intriguing, such as lovingly crafted models of mushrooms that might suggest the ancient makers were interested in the mind-altering properties of fungi. Gathered in an exhibition room at […]

Artificial islands surrounding British Isles were used for ancient parties, archaeologists find

Just as waterfront mansions are status symbols for today’s rich and famous, ancient artificial islands in the British Isles known as crannogs may have been used by elites to display their power and wealth through elaborate parties, a new study finds.  A crannog is “an artificial island within a lake, wetland, or estuary,” Antony Brown […]

Ancient glass vessels restored after Beirut blast go on display at British Museum | British Museum

Restored ancient glass vessels that were damaged in the Beirut port explosion two years ago have gone on display at the British Museum. The eight objects, from the Roman, Byzantine and Islamic periods, have been pieced back together by museum conservation experts and are being showcased at the London venue until October before being returned […]