Scythian arrowheads and Bronze Age dwelling uncovered in Ukraine

Archaeologists in Ukraine recently uncovered a glut of arrowheads, spinning wheels and ceramic fragments that date to the late sixth century and early fifth century B.C., a time when Scythian nomads, renowned for their skill as mounted archers, occupied the area.  The Scythians were a culturally related group of nomadic tribes that occupied large regions […]

Modern herpes variants may be linked to bronze age kissing, study finds | Infectious diseases

The herpes variants that cause modern cold sores became widespread in the wake of bronze age migrations, and may have received a boost from the practice of kissing that came with it, researchers say. Scientists in Cambridge analysed the first ancient DNA specimens of herpes simplex virus and found that one variant overtook all others […]

Details of rare bronze age coffin found in golf course pond revealed | Archaeology

Golfers are forever trying to avoid everything from bunkers, the rough and water to other players’ putting lines. In Lincolnshire the hazard was almost an incredibly rare telephone box-sized early bronze age coffin. Historic England on Friday revealed details of a remarkable discovery as works were being carried out on a golf course pond in […]