Extremely rare fireball meteor may have sparked a blaze that burned down a California home

An extremely rare fireball meteor impact has been suggested as the possible cause for a recent house fire in California (stock image). (Image credit: Shutterstock) A house that recently burned down in California may have been set ablaze by an extremely rare meteorite impact. Several witnesses saw a spectacular fireball meteor streak across the sky […]

Swarms of ‘mini-shark’ beach bugs are on a foot-biting rampage in California

A close-up look at the foot-munching isopod Excirolana chiltoni. (Image credit: Hakai Institute) (opens in new tab) Beachgoers in Southern California are being targeted by swarms of tiny, aggressive sea bugs, previously dubbed “mini-sharks,” that seem to have a thing for feet. The shrimplike creatures have been snapping at the ankles of locals promenading along […]

Is This The Original Board Game Of Death

Historic Egyptians took their board video games severely. The backgammonlike senet began out as a mere pastime, however over almost 2 millennia it developed right into a sport with deep hyperlinks to the afterlife, performed on a board that represented the underworld. Now, a model of the sport sitting in a California museum would possibly […]