Second ancient canoe – this one 3,000 years old – found in Wisconsin lake | Wisconsin

A 3,000-year-old canoe has been found in Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin, less than a year after another historical canoe dating back more than a millennium was discovered in the same body of water. An archaeologist found the artifact in pieces before it was recovered from the lake last Thursday in collaboration with Wisconsin’s Native […]

1,000 years ago, a woman was buried in a canoe on her way to the ‘destination of souls’

Up to 1,000 years ago, mourners buried a young woman in a ceremonial canoe to represent her final journey into the land of the dead in what is now Patagonia, a new study finds.  The discovery reaffirms ethnographic and historical accounts that canoe burials were practiced throughout pre-Hispanic South America and refutes the idea that […]

‘Extraordinarily rare’: intact 1,200-year-old canoe recovered from Wisconsin lake | Wisconsin

A 1,200-year-old, 15-foot (4.5-metre) dugout canoe has been taken from Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin, after two divers stumbled upon it while riding underwater scooters. The vessel was recovered from roughly 27ft of water and brought to shore this week. “This is the first time this thing has been out of the water in 1,200 […]