Armored Cambrian ‘worm’ that looks like a toilet scrub brush unearthed in China

An artist reconstruction of Wufengella bengtsoni. (Image credit: Illustration made by Roberts Nicholls, (opens in new tab) A bristly armored “worm” that scuttled across ocean reefs 518 million years ago is the ancestor to three aquatic animal groups that today live very different lifestyles, and it offers new clues about the explosion of diverse […]

Crystal-stuffed dinosaur eggs the size of cannonballs discovered in China

Two cannonball-size dinosaur eggs filled with crystals have been discovered by paleontologists in China. The fossilized, spherical eggs belong to a previously unknown dinosaur species and were found packed with calcite crystals. They were unearthed in the Qianshan Basin in East China’s Anhui province.  Three eggs were dug up from the basin’s soil, but only […]

China approves world-first inhaled COVID-19 vaccine

China has approved the world’s first inhaled COVID-19 vaccine, the vaccine maker CanSino Biologics (CanSinBIO) in Tianjin, China has announced. The newly approved vaccine, named Convidecia Air, uses the same platform as the injectable COVID-19 vaccine by the same manufacturer — pieces of genetic material transported by a harmless adenovirus vector so the body can […]

Newly-discovered Langya virus infects 35 people in China

An international team of scientists is tracking a newly-identified, potentially dangerous virus that has jumped from animals to humans to infect at least 35 people in northeast China.  The Langya henipavirus, also called “Langya” or “LayV,” was first detected in 2018 in a 53-year-old farmer who sought treatment for a fever at a hospital in […]

How is the coronavirus spread?

The virus can be spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Hand-washing is a first line of defence How is the coronavirus spread? The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is a new illness and scientists are still assessing how it spreads from person to person, but similar viruses tend to spread via cough and sneeze droplets. When an infected person […]

12,000 Years Ago, a Boy Had His Skull Squashed into a Cone Shape. It’s the Oldest Evidence of Such Head-Shaping.

Ancient people in China practiced human head-shaping about 12,000 years ago — meaning they bound some children’s maturing skulls, encouraging the heads to grow into elongated ovals — making them the oldest group on record to purposefully squash their skulls, a new study finds. While excavating a Neolithic site (the last period of the Stone […]

Ancient Chinese cat bones shake up domestication theory

Fossil discovery an ‘important step’ in understanding feline transformation from pest-control to pet A cat-and-mouse game played out in a Chinese village 5,300 years ago is helping scientists understand how wild felines became the tame pets we know today. Scientists believe it was the cat’s appetite that led to domestication. Grain stored by ancient farmers […]

Neolithic Chinese People First Tamed Cattle Over 10,000 Years Ago

A new study reported in the journal Nature Communications provides the first multi-disciplinary evidence that humans in what is now China first domesticated cattle around 8,000 BC, around the same time cattle domestication took place in the Near East. Until now, scientists believed that humans started domesticating cattle around 10,000 years ago in the Near East, which gave […]

Nan Madol: Archaeologists Uncover Earliest Evidence of Chiefdom in Pacific

Nan Madol, an ancient administrative and the former capital of the Micronesian island of Pohnpei, was the earliest among the Pacific islands to be ruled by a single chief, according to an international team of archaeologists. An ancient city built atop a coral reef, Nan Madol has been uninhabited for centuries now. Located in the northwestern Pacific […]