Who is the Egyptian god of death?

The ancient Egyptians are known for many things, such as mummification, the great pyramid, a sophisticated writing system and a belief in the afterlife. Considering that death and devotion to many deities was featured so prominently in this culture, who was the ancient Egyptian god of death? While Osiris is often considered the Egyptian god […]

Scientists revived the cells of pigs an hour after death, a potential organ transplant breakthrough

The pigs had already been dead for an hour, and yet, the cells of their hearts, brains and livers were still kicking.  Thanks to a new system called OrganEx, scientists can now keep the dying organs of recently deceased pigs alive by hooking the animals up to a system of pumps, filters and flowing fluids. […]

‘Unlucky’ creatures that enter rare Red Sea brine pools are immediately stunned to death

Rare deep-sea brine pools discovered in the Red Sea may hold clues to environmental upheavals in the region that span millennia, and could even shed light on the origins of life on Earth, a new study finds. Deep-sea brine pools are extraordinarily salty or “hypersaline” lakes that form on the seafloor. They are among the […]

‘Ancient death trap’ preserved hundreds of fossilized frogs that drowned during sex

Researchers suspect that ancient male frogs pushed females underwater while trying to mount them. (Image credit: Shutterstock) (opens in new tab) It was a cold case with hundreds of victims. For decades, scientists puzzled over a gruesome mystery: What killed hundreds of fossilized frogs found at an ancient “death trap” in Germany dating to millions […]

Who was Tutankhamun?

Without the discovery of his majestic tomb, King Tutankhamun (1341 – 1323 BC) would certainly not be under the pseudonym with the world. The reign of the child king was not remarkable. When he ascended the throne at the age of nine, the country was still in chaos with the decision by his late father, […]