Glowing snailfish riddled with antifreeze protein discovered off Greenland coast

Scientists drilling deep into an iceberg off Greenland have discovered a fish with glowing green antifreeze coursing through its veins. The juvenile variegated snailfish (Liparis gibbus) contained the “highest expression levels” of antifreeze proteins ever reported, a new study found. Similar to how antifreeze helps to regulate the temperature of a car’s engine in extreme […]

Antikythera mechanism: The ancient celestial-tracking device discovered in a shipwreck off Greece

The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient shoebox-sized device that is sometimes called the world’s oldest computer for its ability to perform astronomical calculations.  Discovered by sponge divers off the Greek island of Antikythera in 1901, the remains of the mechanism are now preserved in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. Only 82 fragments, consisting of […]

Small, prickly dinosaur discovered in South America reveals an unknown lineage

Fossils of a small, prickly dinosaur recently discovered in South America may represent an entire lineage of armored dinosaurs previously unknown to science.  The newly discovered species, Jakapil kaniukura, looks like a primitive relative of armored dinosaurs like Ankylosaurus or Stegosaurus, but it came from the Cretaceous, the last era of the dinosaurs, and lived […]

Massive expanse of towering hydrothermal vents discovered deep in the Pacific

Scientists sent underwater robots into the depths of the Pacific, about 1.5 miles (2.5 kilometers) beneath the surface, and discovered something unexpected: a football field-size expanse of towering hydrothermal vents that cropped up in an area these underwater chimneys haven’t typically been seen. The vents, shaped like candelabras, stand roughly 35 to 40 feet (10 […]

Twin ‘grumpy mouth’ reliefs of Olmec contortionists discovered in Mexico

Archaeologists in Mexico have uncovered two Olmec reliefs chiseled into large, circular stones that are thought to depict local rulers performing ritual contortion. The twin pieces were found in Tenosique, a town located in the state of Tabasco, near Mexico’s southern tip, and are believed to feature rulers from the ancient Olmec civilization, whose name […]

Archaeologists may have discovered the palace of Genghis Khan’s grandson

The remains of a once resplendent palace built for Hulagu Khan, a grandson of Genghis Khan, may have been discovered in Van Province in eastern Turkey, a team of archaeologists suggests.  However, researchers not associated with the research urged caution, saying that more information is needed before the structure can be tied to the Khan […]

Lost city, a real-life ‘Helm’s Deep,’ possibly discovered in Iraq

Nestled in a valley shadowed by mountains in Iraqi Kurdistan sits an ancient fortress that archeologists think may be the lost, royal city of Natounia, based on the discovery of intricately carved rock reliefs depicting an ancient leader, a new study finds. The stronghold, known as Rabana-Merquly, was once part of the Parthian Empire (also […]

Hidden Van Gogh self-portrait discovered under ‘peasant woman’ painting

Conservators at the National Galleries of Scotland recently experienced quite a surprise after they X-rayed a painting by Vincent van Gogh. Hidden on the reverse side of the painting “Head of a Peasant Woman (opens in new tab),” which Van Gogh completed in 1885, was a previously unknown self-portrait of the Dutch painter staring back […]