Fossilized brain of 525 million-year-old deep sea worm likely the oldest ever discovered

An abstract artist’s impression of what the fossilized worm, Cardiodictyon catenulum, may have looked like.  (Image credit: Nicholas Strausfeld/The University of Arizona) (opens in new tab) A 525 million-year-old fossilized worm unearthed in China has what is likely the oldest example of a brain ever discovered. The surprising shape of the brain offers clues about […]

Long-lost wreckage from the Challenger spacecraft discovered near Bermuda Triangle

NASA has confirmed that debris found on the ocean floor off Florida’s Atlantic coast comes from the fallen space shuttle Challenger, which exploded on Jan. 28, 1986, killing all seven astronauts on board. Divers discovered the 20-foot (6 meters) section of Challenger’s hull while searching for downed World War II-era aircraft as part of a […]

Closest black hole to Earth discovered lurking in our ‘cosmic backyard’

Astronomers have discovered the nearest known black hole to Earth, and it’s twice as close as the previous record holder. The space-time singularity, named Gaia BH1, is 1,566 light-years away in the constellation Ophiuchus and is roughly 10 times more massive than our sun. It’s close enough to our planet to be considered “in our […]

Missing woman’s body discovered in the stomach of 22-foot-long python in Indonesia

The body of a woman in Indonesia was recently discovered in the stomach of a massive, 22-foot-long (6.7 meters) python, which had killed and swallowed its victim whole.  The woman, a 54-year-old grandmother named Jahrah, went missing in Jambi province on the island of Sumatra on Oct. 23, according to CNN Indonesia (opens in new […]

Enormous river discovered beneath Antarctica is nearly 300 miles long

A river longer than England’s Thames flows beneath the Antarctic ice sheet, draining an area the size of France and Germany combined, new research reveals.  This under-ice river was discovered using ice-penetrating radar mounted on aircraft. In a series of aerial surveys, researchers discovered a river system snaking 285 miles (460 kilometers) and draining into […]