Scientists discover 1 million-year-old DNA sample lurking beneath Antarctic seafloor

Researchers recently unearthed ancient DNA buried underneath the seafloor in the Scotia Sea north of mainland Antarctica. (Image credit: Shutterstock) (opens in new tab) DNA from ancient microorganisms, some of which dates back to roughly 1 million years ago, has been discovered beneath the seafloor in Antarctica. The DNA is the oldest ever discovered from […]

17 people found in a medieval well in England were victims of an antisemitic massacre, DNA reveals

The remains of 17 people, mainly children, found in 2004 during a construction project in Norwich, England, are probably those of medieval Jews massacred for their religion, according to a new study. Genetic analysis of the remains indicates the dead were all Ashkenazi Jews — that is, the descendants of Jews who had established communities […]

‘Genetic fossil’: intact DNA from woman who lived 7,200 years ago discovered in Indonesia | Archaeology

Archaeologists have discovered ancient DNA in the remains of a woman who died 7,200 years ago in Indonesia, a find that challenges what was previously known about migration of early humans. The remains, belonging to a teenager nicknamed Bessé, were discovered in the Leang Panninge cave on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Initial excavations were […]