Scientists find 200 balmy ‘Goldilocks’ zones on the moon where astronauts could survive

Lunar scientists think they’ve found the hottest places on the Moon, as well as some 200 Goldilocks zones that are always near the average temperature in San Francisco.  The moon has wild temperature fluctuations, with parts of the moon heating up to 260 degrees Fahrenheit (127 degrees Celsius) during the day and dropping to minus […]

Best anti-Prime Day massage gun deals: find them cheaper than Amazon Prime Day deals

Amazon Prime Day may dominate the headlines, but the online retail giant isn’t the only one offering significant savings this week – these anti-Prime Day deals from Best Buy are proof of this fact.  The store has launched its own “Black Friday in July” event, conspicuously covering the same period as Amazon Prime Day (July […]

Archaeologists find ‘missing link’ in history of Fountains Abbey | Archaeology

It is Britain’s biggest and most famous monastic ruin and one that conjures up bucolic images of peace, reflection and very little noise apart, perhaps, from the occasional waft of Gregorian chanting. In reality, archaeologists have revealed, Fountains Abbey near Ripon was as busy, noisy and industrialised as anywhere in 12th- and 13th-century Britain. The […]