Nazi bombs destroyed a priceless ‘sea monster’ fossil. Scientists just found its long-lost plaster copies.

When Nazi pilots bombed a precious “sea monster” fossil to smithereens during a World War II London air raid, a detailed black-and-white illustration of the predatory marine reptile, known as an ichthyosaur, was the only visual record that remained of the pulverized ancient bones. At least, that’s what paleontologists thought.  Now, scientists have uncovered two […]

Stunning reconstruction of Jurassic salamander fossil reveals skull’s weirdness in 3D

The 3D reconstruction of the skull trapped inside a rock, which belongs to the newfound species Mamorerpeton wakei.  (Image credit: Marc Jones) (opens in new tab) A bizarre, newly discovered species of ancient salamander recently received a digital makeover. Researchers used X-ray images to create a 3D model of the animal’s oddly shaped skull, which […]

‘Genetic fossil’: intact DNA from woman who lived 7,200 years ago discovered in Indonesia | Archaeology

Archaeologists have discovered ancient DNA in the remains of a woman who died 7,200 years ago in Indonesia, a find that challenges what was previously known about migration of early humans. The remains, belonging to a teenager nicknamed Bessé, were discovered in the Leang Panninge cave on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Initial excavations were […]

Homo erectus Reached Java

Homo erectus, a hominin species that originated in equatorial Africa or the Caucasus region of Eurasia, arrived on the island of Java in Indonesia around 1.3 million years ago — 300,000 years later than previously thought, according to an analysis of zircon grains in tuffs from the archaeological site of Sangiran. The World Heritage archaeological site […]